Hi, I'm Gregory Buretz. I live by two simple principles:

  1. Do the best I can today, and learn to do it even better tomorrow.
  2. Whatever it is, have fun doing it.

I'm a web developer, researcher, social media strategist, and audio/video specialist. Here is what I value within these areas of expertise:

  • Web developer: Applications and websites are only as good as people can (and want to) use them. As such, I place great value on user experience. I also enjoy a good challenge.
  • Researcher: My primary research interest is in what motivates people to participate in social media. I believe a thorough understanding of why people use a particular medium will help developers maximize user experience.
  • Social media strategist: It's all about people and relationships. People are the most important aspect of any business or organization. The web isn't any different.
  • Audio/video specialist: My philosophy for creating audio/video content is that you can and should deliver information in a way that's fun for the audience.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family as well as playing hockey and table tennis.

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